Simon Cock, Simo to his friends, has been my best friend and love of my life since we met in May 2013.

Simo had just made progress on his dream, qualifying as a PADI Dive Instructor in Koh Tao, his beautiful home, when he was struck down by a brain heamorage. Heartbreakingly, not just for me but for ever single person who has ever met him, he passed away 20th April 2016


Upon hearing about Simon’s family needing help to cover the funds needed to get him home from Thailand to them in Australia, I shaved my head and raised £1049.22/$2060, barely a dent in the costs but every little helps! The entire adventure can be read about at my sister blog Shave For Simo.

This blog is about my adventures, big and small, that I am determind to have in Simo’s honour. I know I carry him in my heart, so as well as revisiting places he has already been, I hope to take him to those he still hadn’t made it to yet.

I love you Simon, I always have and always will.


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