2 years ago my sister, Sarah, and I barely got on. We shared our own “apartment” at home but very rarely saw each other and when we did, there were often disagreements. We liked each other deep down but didn’t show it very well and would argue about anything and everything.

Then, in July 2015, Sarah’s friend was too sick to go to Wembley to see Ed Sheeran with her and I swapped shifts at work so that I could go because I knew she had ready paid for the tickets and would be heartbroken if she didn’t go. On the train there we talked, but mainly small talk, and then we got to London. As we got on the tube Sarah’s excitement started to show and I loved seeing her so happy that I started to get excited too. Arriving at Wembley early enough, we managed to get a pretty good spot near the front and I could see Sarah was ready to melt with joy, we watched the support acts and drank some beer together, we listened to the conversations around us and then Ed came on stage. He was AMAZING! The whole crowd fell in love with him the second he opened his mouth to say hello and thank you for coming.

At the time I could appreciate Ed Sheeran but he wasn’t one of my favourite artists and I didn’t understand why Sarah was so obsessed, yet it changed that evening. I left the show and bought a T-Shirt for myself when Sarah got hers, I was buzzing with joy the whole way home and Sarah and I chatted about a wide variety of things. We had suddenly become friends.

We’re sisters so there will always be some problems, neither of us are stupid enough to think otherwise, but we are now friends who get along with each other, we go to each other for advice or even just a supportive hug and cry in the middle of the night (when we’re both at home), and all because of one evening watching Ed Sheeran at Wembley.

With the release of the “Divide” album in the last few weeks, a friend said to me that they didn’t understand why I was so excited about it when Sarah is the one who is obsessed, and it is simply because every time I hear him sing, I remember being able to share one of her happiest moments with her, I remember proudly jumping into her room wearing my t-shirt to have her laugh and hug me, I remember her climbing into my bed to hug me and stroke my bald head several nights in a row as I sobbed into my pillow, and how we have held hands under coffee tables during difficult conversations. These things are just part of what how I know we are finally the friends that sisters should be.

Sarah, like most of our family, struggled a lot during 2016, but, again like most of my family, I am so proud of how far she has come in the last few months. At 18 years old, she is in her last year or ALevels and is doing well with offers from good Universities to study Psychology, something she is passionate about and has wanted to do for a long time, she has her own little flat, a steady boyfriend and, after a bit of drama, is able to drive. She is no longer the baby sister I didn’t understand, she is now a young woman and a friend. I love you Sarah.