July is here! Hard to believe when you look out of the window at the British weather but it is all the same.

Somehow the 1st of July has managed to bring something exciting for me over the last few years. In 2009 I got promoted to Sergeant at Air Cadets, my boyfriend at the time had been promoted to Corporal just seconds earlier and had marched past me looking smug at being an equal rank only for his face to fall as my name was called out along with my friend Sam. 

In 2011 I moved into my little flat. It was damp, very tiny and we had some questionable neighbours but it was our own space. 

By 2012 I was moving back to my mum’s again but I bought a whisk shaped like a giraffe which is pretty exciting in my books! 2 years ago, in 2014, I was taking a long weekend off of work to spend in Alice Springs with Simo. We laughed, danced around the kitchen, ate good food, drank lots of beer, and enjoyed every second of being together. 

Last year, as I drove to work with my Dad who had hitched a lift, I glanced down to see the car thermometer reading 37ºC  at 9am. I made Dad take a photo I could send it to Simo to prove that the weather here  isn’t always that bad, he would be laughing at me for that brief thought now though.The Cafe that I worked in at the time didn’t have any air conditioning and we didn’t have a very busy day because nobody, including us, wanted to be inside during that heat, I took the time to teach Amelia, who was the pot washer, how to make coffee.

And this year? This year, I booked my flights to Australia for the memorial tour that Craig, who used to work with Simo and followed in his footsteps in many ways, has organised. Another girl I know is going on this trip, Emily, will be on the same flight as me between Kuala Lumpar and Adelaide and I’m very much looking forward to meeting her then.

I am beyond excited to be going back to the Nullabor and meeting lots of other people who knew and loved Simon. Having spoken to Sam, Simo’s sister, I will be arriving in Adelaide the day before her birthday and she has invited me to stay with them in the few days before the tour, meeting the family is something I had only ever dreamed of before and now it is something that can happen I’m starting to feel a little nervous, but in the best way possible, and can’t wait.
Stay safe, stay happy and I’ll write again soon.