The last few days have been rather dramatic. Wednesday night and Thursday gave us some spectacular thunder and lightning storms, stunning to watch and still so warm. It felt close to the first rain I experienced in Darwin, and similarly brought only brief relief from the muggy, overcast weather we had been having so far in our British Summer. 
Thursday was also the day of the EU referendum. I voted remain, as did most of my friends and family, but when I woke on Friday morning it was to a country in confusion. Leave won the vote and there are a lot of angry people, especially the younger generations. The most googled thing on Friday was “what is the EU” as voters realised that leaving may not have been the wonderland that Farage and Johnson painted it to be. All we can do now is wait and see what happens but the drop in the pound has made it clear I am going to need to save and work even harder to get to Australia in September as I desperately want to. 
Yesterday marked 8 weeks since I last shaved my head and my hair has grown so much that I actually had to get it trimmed on Friday (just around the edges)! It had become a fuzzy mess with the right and side growing neatly down and the top, back and left side all growing diagonally up and left, the sides were over my ears and had become incredibly annoying. I’m still undecided on whether I want to keep it short or grow it long so, as with the fate of the UK, I will just have to wait and see what happens before making any big choices. 
With all this going on I am truly grateful to be able to have things to look forward to. I have a long weekend in Scotland for my Mum’s birthday in July, and of course the 3 Peaks Challenge in August, which I would still love for you to sponsor me to do through Crowdfunding
I treated myself to half an hour in “The Black Dog” cafe before going to work this morning. It is an Australian style cafe in Tunbridge Wells, there’s something I can’t help but love about it and yet I can’t quite put my finger on whether it’s the atmosphere, the coffee or the way the food smells that reminds me most of the good times I had in Geelong.